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DAM IT Computing offers IT Services to home users and business to secure their infrastructure, data and optimize their current equipment to achieve their needs and future goals.

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"I struggled with OFFICE 365 since signing up about 5 years ago and spent hundreds of hours online with MS “Engineers”. This summer however I met my new neighbour in Lacombe and where I was of the belief that no one person could resolve my computing problems he proved me wrong. After about 15 minutes of looking at my computer, DAM IT Computing took me to Edmonton to buy a new one (go figure not one previous tech told me my old laptop was not the right machine for what I was doing). I spent about 8 hours with him and when we got home while he moved all my software and data. At the same time I had him sync all my devices over about a week while he did other business. Now my iPhone, iPad, ChromeBook, ZenBook and this new laptop all work together linked with my SmartHub modem by Bluetooth and Wifi. I actually enjoy working again back on this computer where everything is working again like it did before 365. It was a treat to watch him waltz his way start to finish and not ask me a bunch of questions about stuff I new nothing. He worked for AFSC in Lacombe as an IT so knew how to fix stuff without having to consult the “team” like every MS engineer I ever dealt with. He is bonded and insured so give him a try if you got any issues. "

Barry S from Classic Insignia

Lacombe, AB

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